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Future Proofing Your Organization with Learning

Change is more rapid than ever. Every day we strive to accomplish more with less resources in a race against the clock. The best way to prepare your workers to survive and thrive in this environment is to prepare them to learn and grow; to adapt with ease. A culture that commits to growth and development requires leaders and managers that support learning by exemplifying this behavior, sharing ideas, and fostering an environment that enables time and energy for learning.

Change begins with a commitment to learning. Developing a culture around learning and development starts at the top. Transparency is key. Leaders who share and communicate their own learning establish a collaborative environment that promotes others to do the same. While change begins at the top, don’t forget the importance of first level managers. Provide them with easy content to upskill the team, network with other managers, gather performance management data, and emphasize transparent sharing. A talent marketplace helps managers and HR to see and share talent needs. It drives home the concept of sharing information and networking to get stuff done. 

Developing a commitment to learning drives higher retention. Providing effective learning demonstrates a company’s investment in their people – a key metric for 94% of employees.  This means much more than having a library of content, it means providing the time to utilize it. Investing in learning involves the right ecosystem of technology, content, curation, groups and leader commitment. With all the changes going on today, the World Economic Forum suggests that 54% of employees will need significant reskilling and upskilling. Providing effective learning is no longer a luxury just for those who want it. Invest in employee growth or in recruiting and onboarding.

The next step following commitment is optimizing strategy. Today, there are countless tools and technologies available to help integrate learning and development (L&D) into workflow. Explore tools with Chrome extensions, group creation, and knowledge sharing. LXPs are excellent at this. They step up personalization, sharing, groups, SME content and integrate AI. Realistically, the task to find the right combination of tools can be daunting, especially for small or midsize businesses with fewer HR and L&D staff. Step one is to devise a strategy with leadership buy-in. Demonstrate the challenges and the solutions, provide the data on regrettable attrition along with dissatisfaction.  Then work with experts on the ecosystem to solve your challenges.

Help employees and managers get better at what they do today by focusing on upskilling. It opens the door to enriching their current positions and exploring next steps. It drives retention and adaptability by helping them grow where they are. Future proofing your organization with learning that excites employees, makes managers more effective, and drives business results is all possible, today. Partner with Tractus to find the right learning and development tech stack and strategy for your company’s culture, workplace environment, and growth potential.

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Written by

Amalia Swanson