Learning in the Flow of Work: Enhancing Productivity and Growth with Technology

It’s time to get creative with technology to facilitate meaningful learning experiences in the flow of work. Learning “in the flow” illustrates the ability for learning to fit in and around one’s work activities. With an increasing trend of workforce burnout and disengagement, employers need to prioritize learning and development built into the workday. It should be provided at the point of need and accessible in a low-friction way to deliver content in a “bite-sized” format. HR and learning professionals can maximize the benefits of “in the flow” learning while also maximizing the value of their learning budgets by implementing these ideas:

Take advantage of tools you already use to meet learners where they perform their everyday tasks. Use collaborations tools like Teams or Slack to send nudges that reinforce learning. By applying nudge theory, you can elicit feedback at regular intervals and remind the learner about their progress, incomplete activities, and ideas to put learning into action.

Set up scheduled emails, task-management tool reminders, or calendar events to create spaced repetition to revisit learning concepts, encourage users to apply new concepts, or re-test retention.

Use free or low-cost tools to create learning content. Create short, high-quality training videos using PowerPoint, your mobile device, or easy to-use animation tools like Vyond, and use them as learning refreshers.

Record quick podcast “minisodes” or interview-style discussions using Zoom, Teams, or mobile apps like Voice Memo, and share with learners to add additional perspectives and insights about learning topics.

Implement a learning platform that amplifies a culture of learning and growth within. Partner with SMB experts to find the right learning and development tech stack for your company’s culture, workplace environment, and growth potential.

Focus on the access and delivery of relevant learning, not just quantity of content. More isn’t better in the sea of learning content. An LMS or LXP should facilitate a learning experience that is role-specific, tailored to the individual, efficient, culturally aligned, and in the flow of work.

Look for a platform that has an intuitive user experience for both learners and admins, enables engaging and efficient learning and skill development, and offers flexibility to support both formal and informal learning experiences. To act as a guide, Tractus partners with Degreed to deliver their Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to your small or mid-sized business.

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Key Takeaways

Learning in the flow of work holds immense potential for maximizing learning endeavors while effectively managing daily responsibilities. Through the utilization of technology, we can seamlessly integrate learning into daily routines. Anywhere from Teams and Slack to applying an LXP like Degreed, the technology options available to support learning in the flow of work are vast and ever evolving. Embracing these technologies empowers companies to thrive and adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the modern world. So, let’s embrace technology as an enabler of continuous learning and take charge of growth and development within the flow of work.

Written by

Amalia Swanson